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本文摘要:Has the world just witnessed its first ever robot suicide?全球首例机器人自杀身亡事件再次发生了?


Has the world just witnessed its first ever robot suicide?全球首例机器人自杀身亡事件再次发生了?Tedious housework was seemingly too much for one cleaning robot to take, when it apparently rebelled and decided to end it all.琐然无色的家务事对一个洗手机器人来说或许不够了,它想奋力镇压完结这样的命运。The android was given the tiresome task of cleaning up some spilt cereal before it climbed on to a kitchen hotplate where it was destroyed, according to reports in Austria.据奥地利的一则报导,主人转交了这个机器人一个无趣的工作:在厨房清扫早餐遗落的残渣,机器人忍无可忍,爬上了电炉上把自己烤成了一堆灰烬。It had reportedly grown weary of being forced to clean the same house every day and decided to become a martyr to the robot cause.据报导,机器人早已厌烦了每天不得不洗手同一间房子,要求要为机器人事业奉献。‘Somehow it seems to have reactivated itself and made its way along the work surface where it pushed a cooking pot out of the way and basically that was the end of it,’ explained fireman Helmut Kniewasser, who was called to tackle the blaze at Hinterstoder in Kirchdorf.事故再次发生在克雷姆斯的怡特斯托德,一位叫Helmut Kniewasser的消防员被召到现场处置事故,他说明说道:“知道怎的它或许自己把电源又关上了,走到了工作台冲出了锅子,然后就没了。


”‘It pretty quickly started to melt underneath and then stuck to the kitchen hotplate. It then caught fire. By the time we arrived, it was just a pile of ash.`“它迅速就从底部开始融化,之后之后粘到了厨具上,然后就发生爆炸了。我们到那儿的时候不见一堆灰烬。”He added: ‘The entire building had to be evacuated and there was severe smoke damage particularly in the flat where the robot had been in use.他又补足说道:“整幢楼的人都必需撤离,尤其是机器人所在的房间因为自杀导致的烟雾伤害相当严重。

”‘It’s a mystery how it came to be activated and ended up making its way to the hotplate.机器人是如何启动电源,然后在炉子上活活的原因还尚能不具体。It took an hour to clean and make the building safe. The homeowner plans to sue the robot’s manufacturer.消防员花上了一个小时才把房子洗手整洁并确保安全了,房主计划控告机器人的制造商。